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Help Fire-Proof Your Home by Burning Your Siding, and More Link Love

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This week’s Link Love post brings us some tips on stylish, fire-resistant siding; photos of funky treehouses (expanding our horizons with regard to style around the “house”); a minimalist kitchen with a unique dishwasher; and a solar cell phone charger.

Pursuing Wabi
Via Remodelista, we stumbled across an interesting exterior finishing option coupled with a little lesson in Japanese aesthetic philosophy. Shou-sugi-ban, or burnt sugi boards, are charred, oiled and used as siding that’s both stylish and practical: The burning process helps protect against future fire damage (basically, it’s a lot harder for burnt wood to catch fire again) and helps prevent rot.

Escape to the Woods: Five Fantastic Treehouses
Apartment Therapy
Stepping outside its apartment-minded comfort zone, Apartment Therapy shares these photos of some rather outstanding treehouses. We need not say more than, “Go take a look.”

Simple Tech = Common Sense Kitchen Design
Home Design Find
A sleek, simple kitchen counter-top and sink combo is great. But add a couldn’t-be-simpler dishwasher and you have perhaps the perfect minimalist kitchen. As the post says, “[S]imple tech is quietly bringing back simplicity and sustainability as a worthwhile goal for industrial design. Here’s a good example; a low tech kitchen appliance that would go well beyond a simple energy star rating for efficiency.”

Charge your cell phone with solar power on the go
The Hardware Aisle from This Old House
You’ve maybe seen the extended-power batteries you can slide onto a cell phone for a couple of extra hours of juice. This is like that — but way cooler. You basically get a limitless amount of juice because you’re carrying a pocket-sized solar-power generator. Free yourself from the grid!