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Russian House 3

Haunting Houses

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If you saw any haunted houses this weekend over Halloween, you will appreciate these abandoned Russian houses. They may not be haunted, but there certainly is something haunting about them.

According to Charles & Hudson and Beach Bungalow 8, these houses have been abandoned, although they don’t say when. Surprisingly, the interiors seem to have held up well, and the exteriors, although a little worn, still show a faded beauty.

So where did the inhabitants go? That’s unknown, but it is interesting that there currently are not people living in the houses. These houses continue to sit deep in the Russian woods, 300 miles northeast of Moscow.

These houses don’t use an architectural style we see very often here, but some of the interiors have pieces and elements that look fresh and modern. The red hutch in the photo below would not look out of place in a farmhouse-style kitchen.

What these houses’ histories are, we do not know, but their romance and grandeur remain.

Russian House 1

Russian House 2

Photos courtesy of Beach Bungalow 8 and Andrew Qzmn.