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Greening your Coke bottle

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If you’ve ever drank a Coke product out of one of its classic bottles, you might have admired the bottle’s iconic shape. But what happens to it after you toss it in the recycling bin? Well, you might just end up eating or drinking out of it again! Coke has introduced Bottleware, a line of various-shaped bowls made from Coca-Cola bottles. They’re designed by Japanese company Nendo.

According to Architect Magazine, “The set of products is a compelling example of visible chain-of-custody, since no papers need accompany the new materials to prove their origin. It also represents a positive example of functional upcycling, as one would hope to use Bottleware for a much longer duration than the short life of a soft drink.”

Green and beautiful (the products look a bit like sea glass)! What do you think? Is this a good use for old bottles? Would you buy it for your home?