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Greening the Kitchen

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As the heart of the home, the kitchen is arguably the most-loved and used room in the house. When it looks outdated or the traffic flow becomes inefficient, most homeowners choose to remodel. Traditionally, the process includes pricing cabinetry, choosing the flooring and picking out the perfect appliances.

More and more homeowners, however, are looking at ways to update the kitchen and remodel in a green way. It makes sense: Not only can you choose green kitchen materials, but you also have the chance to up your home’s energy efficiency with new appliances. Cathy at Olio United chose to make green remodeling a priority in her kitchen re-do.

Here’s how it looked before and after:

Beautiful! One of the best parts is that Cathy chose to support local business. Her tile is from Portland-based Stardust Glass and she used Ecohaus and Canopy Home, also local businesses, to find sustainable materials.

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If you are considering remodeling your kitchen, and want to go green, check out Green Home Guide’s Tips for Efficient Kitchen Space. There are some things you can do to make your kitchen remodel efficient, energy and otherwise:

  • Think about what you really need, not what advertising tells you that you need.
  • Not only do lighter-colored cabinets and counter tops make the kitchen feel spacious, they also lessen the need for more lighting, saving electricity.
  • Don’t forget the windows! Daylight is a free light source, and it also helps to make the kitchen feel larger.

Happy remodeling!

Photos courtesy of Olio United.