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Sustainable farmhouse, former military base

Green news round-up: Greenest cities in the U.S., healthy lawns with less water, and more


Former WWII military base is now a sustainable farmhouse
Jetson Green
“Allies Farmhouse is a renovation of structures on a former military base that was used by the United States Air Force 381st Bombardment Group during World War II when it was known as airbase RAF Ridgewell. Farmers James and Claudia Grey enlisted Cameron Scott from Timber Design to transform the single-story public building and the one-and-a-half story housing area into a sustainable home on their farm.”

Greenest U.S. cities ranked by Corporate Knights
Huffington Post
“Which U.S. cities are the greenest? A new report from Canadian-based media company Corporate Knights ranks the country’s greenest cities, with Seattle, San Francisco and Portland tied with the highest score.”

Beat the Heat: 5 Amazing Benefits of Urban Trees
Tree Hugger
“What would this site be without occasionally extolling the virtues of trees? The seemingly most salient virtue, at the height of summer, is the power of urban trees to cool, save energy, and heal. We’ve covered some of this before, and NRDC goes in far greater detail (worth a read for sure), but here’s the thumbnail version of the amazing ability of trees.”

Get a healthy lawn using less water
Charles and Hudson
“Conserving water is an important part of responsible home ownership. From the kitchen to the bathroom to your yard, you should regulate your water usage to save money and the precious resource of potable water. … Here are 10 easy tips to keep your landscape healthy and reduce water consumption from Russ Nicholson who is the Senior Agronomist for Pennington Seed and a Certified Professional Agronomist (CPAg). He has more than 35 years of expertise in turfgrass research and management so you know he knows what he’s talking about.”