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Great Things Can Come in Small Packages

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This beautiful room looks like it belongs in an average- to large-sized house, but it’s actually nestled into a 500-square-foot space in Tuscon. The folks at the Tiny House Blog featured this home, which may look little, but it has room for everything the owners need!

When the owners, Richard Steen and Jefferson Bailey, were ready for something new, they moved into this little gem next door to their old house. They’ve discovered that downsizing can be liberating, saying:

It’s hard at first, because you go through a box and go, ‘Remember when . . .?’ and you put it in the ’save’ box. But it got to be really easy after a while, and you could breathe easier with each thing you tossed out.

In keeping with today’s downsizing trend, demonstrated in Sarah Susanka’s “Not So Big House” books, this house may be small, but it is luxurious. A grand piano sits in the living room, there’s a gourmet kitchen, the bathroom has a steam shower and a pool sits in the garden. Lots of built-in shelving and cabinets help keep everything tidy.

This little house packs a big punch! For more small house inspiration, visit the Tiny House Blog.

Photos courtesy of A.E. Araiza and Tiny House Blog