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Great green gadgets: The newest from the Consumer Electronics Show


Last week we featured some of the smartest new gizmos in the world of home technology that were showcased at the massive Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas. Today we have a nice round-up of the newest “greener” gadgets. (“Green” would generally refer to items that are truly environmentally friendly, whereas “greener” refers to devices that, as a class, aren’t necessarily great for the environment but, as innovations take place, they become much easier on the environment, relatively speaking.)

Mike Chino, managing editor of Inhabitat, penned a piece for My Life Scoop about the top 5 greenest gadgets at CES. Among them is the nPower PEG Kinetic Energy Charger, which captures your body’s kinetic energy — the natural motion from walking around, climbing stairs and other regular activities — and stores it for charging other devices. “Simply toss this pint-sized power charger into your backpack or briefcase,” Chino writes, “and it will capture kinetic energy from your daily activities and transform it into electricity to juice your gadgets on the go.”

For those of you who are more style-minded, the Budget Fashonista has a round-up of some more nifty gadgets from CES, including the fancy bracelet shown here. According to the Budget Fashionista, “If you’re the kind who likes to wear your love of technology on your sleeve, the Asus Waveface Ultra is for you. The not-yet-available OLED wristband can be worn as a bracelet, but functions as a smartphone.” Maybe it’s not for everyone, but that’s just plain cool.

If you’re interested in more green gadgets from CES, you could spend hours pouring through Google search results, but a good starting point is Inhabitat’s coverage of the show.