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"Granny Pods" make life easier for homeowners looking after aging parents


If you watch morning talk shows, you have probably seen commercials from builders who manufacture homes that include a guest suite or even a guest home designed specifically for an aging family member. According to AARP, about 23 million Americans take care of their aging parents, and many can attest to the challenges of a multi-generational homes.

One increasingly popular solution comes in the form of “Granny Pods,” which are essentially tiny free-standing guest homes that include all the amenities an aging person needs to maintain self-sufficiency despite common health limitations. MEDCottages, for example, tout many of the basic amenities are used to, along with unique features for the target audience:

  • 288-square-foot unit (12 ft x 24 ft)
  • Electricity and water connected directly to homeowner’s utilities
  • A kitchen with a small refrigerator, microwave, and medication dispenser
  • Bedroom and additional accommodation for a caregiver’s visit
  • Handicap-accessible bathroom
MEDCottages sells for around $125,000, which can be quite a bit cheaper than years of private care or living in a nursing home.
CBS This Morning ran a feature story on “Granny Pods” this morning. Watch it and let us know if you’d consider building a “Granny Pod” for one of your aging loved ones.