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Grab Bag: Cool-looking home products that add style (and, why not, some function)


We’ve seen a lot of impressive home products lately, and we thought, why keep all of this eye candy to ourselves? Here’s a quick photo-based round-up of some cool (and/or cool-looking) appliances, furniture and more.

The Butler by Micklish
This beautiful wall-mounted (and inanimate) butler “fits your wallet and keys in the top sleeve, your iPhone on the side slot with a concealed space for your charging cord, and glasses/hat/scarf or whatever other go-to items on the slide-out walnut piece.”

Microwave oven by Wolf
It’s a microwave, which is nothing special. But it looks pretty slick. Notice the lack of door handle or anything else that’s less than elegant? So did we. This slick machine is a drawer-style microwave. Bonus points for creativity!

Artemis ceiling fan
Available in a variety of materials (we prefer the koa wood, shown below), these fans’ distinct shape and style put them at the head of the pack.

Wallbanger by Loll Designs
“The Harvey Wallbanger was invented in the 1950’s by world champion mixologist Duke Antone. This wall mounted bar is named appropriately after his famous mixed drink.” We’re of the belief that this wall-mounted bar looks far more impressive than the libation after which it’s named.