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Glass House on the Oregon Shore

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Sitting on the shallow cliffs and sand of Cannon Beach, this beachfront residence boasts the perfect view of the Pacific Ocean.
“We wanted to bring nature in,” homeowner Mary Finley said. “That’s really the whole point of being out here — to feel like we’re outside while we’re inside a nice house.”
Boora Architects stepped up to the challenge, designing a glass house that could withstand the 120-mph winds that frequent the Oregon shoreline. Unique features of the home include a 900-pound glass entry door, window shades that lower using an iPad, and a wood-burning stove that is suspended from the living room ceiling.
See how this couple achieved their vision here.
sea_change-gray-basalt-tile-floor-white-oak-plank-ceiling-euroflues-stove-living-room-glass-curtain sea_change-gray-basalt-tile-floor-white-oak-plank-ceiling-staircase