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Getting the most out of your remodel


Why wouldn’t you want to get the absolute most out of the time, energy and money you put into your remodeling project? A couple of articles we’ve read recently offer some tips on “getting the most” out of the work: maximizing square footage and maximizing style.

The CalFinder Blog has a nice write-up on some simple tips for getting the most square footage out of your home. Doing things like “build up, not out” will help you squeeze every bit of usable space possible out of your home. In this era of upgrading current homes rather than buying new ones, that’s an asset.

Charles & Hudson explains how architectural details — sometimes as small as some simple trim work — are what really makes a room or a home sing. They say, “As you plan your next DIY or renovation project, consider enhancing your space with an architectural detail that adds maximum visual impact without breaking your DIY budget.” Sounds like a plan, doesn’t it?