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Give 2010 a new look with a winning remodel


2010 is shaping up to be a year heavy on remodeling — as opposed to building or buying new homes or even making major additions to existing homes. With good reason, too, as remodeling can be a great way to get a lot bang for your home-improvement buck.

We write a lot about remodeling here at MLuxe, and today’s article continues the quest to help you fight the good fight — against troublesome remodeling projects, that is. So let’s get to the goods.

Todd Fratzel at Home Construction & Improvement offers these great starter tips on making your remodeling project a success. His top ten tips list includes proper planning through patient budgeting and design as well as getting multiple bids and working with only qualified contractors.

You could take on somewhat larger projects like a kitchen or bathroom remodel, or you could start a bit smaller by refreshing your home with a new paint job, fresh molding and trim, or some better lighting.

If you’re focused on adding more than just aesthetic value, consider these ideas for adding dollar value, too: ideas from Re-Nest and HGTV’s

Photo via Flickr