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Gardening often overlooked, but still one of the best ways to live green


Tomorrow marks the 41st celebration of Earth Day. While energy efficient appliances, electric cars and green homes may be all the rage, Earth Day should bring to mind the simple things that positively impact our environment.

Think about gardening. Many will spend this weekend turning soil and planting seeds to have some of the best fresh produce you can find come mid-summer, but the environmental implications are more far-reaching. Gardening offers several green benefits, including:

  1. A smaller carbon footprint. By growing produce in your own backyard, you’re decreasing demand at the local grocer. Consider the fuel emissions resulting from the transportation of produce from one part of the country to your grocer, especially when out of season. It adds up!
  2. Reduced chemical runoff.By skipping out on insecticides and chemical fertilizers, you can grow your own organic produce and not introduce harmful toxins into the ecosystem. Even if your garden is boxed in, a heavy rain can cause runoff into the sewage system and into streams and rivers.
  3. Reduce waste. Composting isn’t for everyone, but even if its used coffee grounds, banana peels and apple cores, adding decomposed food scraps into the garden instead of the trash instantly decreases your waste output and improves your crop.

Little things add up. What do you do to live greener?