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showdown solar panels

Futuristic Technologies Are Now An Expectation


Technologies that once were only dreams are now becoming common — even expected — features in new homes. The photo above shows a zero net energy home in New Hampshire that won the 2013 Marvin Architect’s Challenge Showdown. The home includes solar panels — which are now considered “the next granite countertops,” according to this Bloomberg News article.

At least six of the nation’s top 10 homebuilders now offer solar panels in new construction, and demand for the systems is expected to jump 56 percent this year.

Voice-activated control systems are another example of once-futuristic technology that’s becoming more commonplace. Dozens of suppliers offer controls that can operate just about any system in the home via voice commands; here are a couple of recent examples.

What futuristic technology of today will be common in the homes built 20 years from now?