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Forget your key; use your smartphone!

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Keys can be a pain. They are so necessary and unfortunately so easy to misplace! (I threw mine in the refrigerator once while putting away groceries, leading to a frantic search the next morning. Luckily, they were safe in the crisper.) But Dezeen recently featured a really cool app (August Smart Lock) that replaces your keys with your smartphone.

Fuseproject’s Yves Behar built the app so that when your phone is near the door, it will unlock. All you need is the device for your deadbolt. Dezeen points out that a great feature of this is that you can set up an access code for others. If you are getting your kitchen remodeled, you can grant access to contractors during a particular time frame (and getting rid of the worry that the key you gave them might accidentally get lost). According to the designer:

“Changing the archaic key system is also a way to shift the conversation from keeping people out to ways of making our homes both secure and social places that our family and friends can easily access. With a beautiful and minimally designed smart lock, and an easy, safe, social app experience, August is the first step towards seamless interactions with useful technology we will experience everyday in our home.”

Smartphones — seems like they can do almost anything! Would you use this instead of a physical key?

Image courtesy of Dezeen