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Food Round-up: Canning and More

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There’s a chill in the air. The cool salads and chilled soups of summer are gone and it is time for the warm flavors of fall to take their place.

Apartment Therapy points out that with home canning, you can eat local all year long, including the foods from your own garden (how local is that?). There are lots of great resources on the Internet, as well as cookbooks, to get you started on your home canning projects. Make sure you check out our take on making freezer jam.

‘Tis the season for tomatoes, and no one wants to let these fall beauties go to waste. Columbus Underground offers three great ideas for preserving them: dry, freeze or make homemade ketchup.

Beyond canning, there are some ways to stretch summer fruits and vegetables. Thrifty Fun has some unique thoughts, such as: add them to bread. They suggest fruits for a sweet yet savory treat. Vegetables like olives would also work well. You could also take fresh mashed-up berries and put them in ice cube trays for an unexpected treat in a drink. Or there’s always the old smoothie standby. Fruits, vegetables…there’s almost no limit as to what tastes good in a smoothie!

The New York Times recently announced that Gourmet Magazine will be closing. The grande dame of food publications has had a long and venerable history of showcasing the best of the gourmet world. There are lots of other wonderful food publications, both in print and online, but we must salute Gourmet for always showcasing culinary genius and innovation. It will be missed!

Photo courtesy of ulterior epicure on Flickr.