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Floating Houses, New Kitchen Products and More


Floating house, solar-powered “microhouses,” new kitchen products and ideas for “bump-out additions” — plus we squeeze in a little Brad Pitt. Read on for today’s link love post.

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Brad Pitt Unveils Flood-Surviving Float House for Make It Right Foundation
The Make It Right New Orleans Foundation, founded by Brad Pitt, has unveiled its most recent project: a floating house designed by Morphosis Architects. As Inhabitat writes, “In case of flooding, the home can literally break away from it’s moorings and rise up up to 12 feet on two guideposts. It won’t float away, but it will act as a raft and provide the family with enough battery power to allow them to survive for up to three days until help arrives.”

Solar-Powered MicroHouse
We’re fans of doing great things with tiny spaces, so we like to see this nice little off-the-grid, solar-powered home. It’s only 100 square feet, but think of the freedom! And it’s nice-looking, too.

New Kitchen Products
The Kitchen Designer
Certified kitchen designer Susan Serra offers her thoughts on a handful of new kitchen products, including a sleek faucet, stylish lighting fixtures, some knee- and back-friendly floor mats, and a ready-for-primetime ice maker. Be sure to stay tuned to her blog for more great kitchen design and decor advice.

Bump-Out Additions — Small Spaces, Big Impact
Remodeling Guy
The Remodeling Guy offers some thought-starters on what a little bump-out addition can do for your home. In part, he writes: “It’s really kind of amazing how much of a difference a space like this can make. The uses are only as limited as your imagination! Here are a few ideas: More cabinet or seating space in a kitchen, a light filled breakfast nook, a window seat in a bedroom or office, a small little corner to paint or do crafts. The list could just go on and on. What would you use it for?”