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Faster showers, saving water

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Ah, showers. They are the best way to not only get clean but to wake up and relax. And they’re cheap, right? Well, not according to your water bill.

The Alliance for Water Efficiency says that showers are the third-largest water hog behind toilets and laundry and that the average length of a shower is between 8.99 and 8.20 minutes depending on your showerhead.

So if you were to cut off some time, you could save some water — and that’s good for the environment. But a steamy shower can feel so nice, you just want to prolong it. It’s the battle between cleanliness and luxury, industry and sloth.

Enter the Shower Coach.  This low-tech but highly effective gadget will get you out of the shower in a timely manner. Simply suction the device holder to the wall and flip the timer (it’s like the timer that comes with a board game). When all the sand has passed through the hourglass, it’s time to exit the shower.

If you can stick with the timer, you can save some water and get out the door faster–unless you decide to turn the timer over and do another five minutes — and then another. We can’t help you there!

Image via Complex.