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Facelift brings out the Mediterranean character of Minneapolis home


When homeowner Todd Noteboom began his recent remodeling project, architect Tom Ellison and his colleagues at TEA2 Architects saw an opportunity to add character and traditional detail to a home that had previously been steered a bit off the course of its classic Mediterranean style. According to Ellison:

The house had never been an especially good example of the genre, and what it did have had been downgraded over the years. At some time in the 1970s, a glass and aluminum-framed solarium had been added to the front, which was completely out of character. We could also see that many of the details traditionally found in such houses were not present, but the potential was there to re-create a more authentic design.

By reworking the front of the house, the finished home now presents a more attractive, stylish face to the neighborhood and passers-by, and the view from inside the home is dramatically improved as well. Part of the approach to staying true to the style of the home was accomplished with Marvin double-hung wood windows, replicating the look of the home’s original windows while providing the high level of performance the homeowner and architect demand.

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