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Expand Your Range With An Outdoor Kitchen


It’s summertime, and who doesn’t love to toss a hamburger on the grill? Somehow food tastes better when cooked and enjoyed outdoors.

But why not think about going beyond the old charcoal kettle? Designers and suppliers can offer you a wide range of outdoor kitchen possibilities that will let you cook and entertain more ambitiously. At, you can view 20 great outdoor kitchens that are sure to spark some ideas. If 20 aren’t enough to fire your imagination, our friends at have compiled literally thousands of ideas.

It’s important to think through the details when planning an outdoor kitchen, however. Think about the traffic patterns within the outdoor kitchen as well as between your indoor and outdoor spaces. Consider utilities: do you want running water? Overhead lighting? These helpful tips will aid you in thinking through your project.

And to add beauty and efficiency to your new outdoor space, consider a new patio door from Marvin. With our virtually endless options, you can find a sliding or swinging patio door to make your outdoor kitchen perform at its best.

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