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Everything and the Kitchen Sink

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Our bathroom and kitchen sinks are workhorses designed to serve us well. They have many tasks, including dish washing, hand washing, and various other washings. They are scrubbed down with sometimes-harsh chemicals and provide soothing hot and deliciously cold water on demand. Here are two fabulous sinks that we think go the extra mile and deserve a little extra recognition.

Maybe the iPhone’s touchscreen craze has spilled over into other products, but we think that Delta’s Touch2O Technology is very innovative. The idea is simple: touch the faucet to turn it on and touch it again to turn it off. Simple. And ingenious.

In the bathroom, we love this two layer bathroom sink from Mal Corboy that we found on DigsDigs. It is a fresh and unusual fixture in the bathroom. The dual layers bring to mind an infinity pool: as a sink, it is calming, crisp and clean.