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Ethics and entrepreneurship

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As part of National Entrepreneurship Week, we have been covering some topics relating to entrepreneurship and Marvin’s culture. Part of our culture is not only seeking to enhance our entrepreneurial spirit, but doing it ethically too. We may think outside the box, but we have a set of ethical parameters we always operate in.

To us, ethics means providing the best products to our customers. (Like interior shades!) More than that, it means doing our due diligence before the product is ever delivered to the customer: a window or door is far from a simple thing. When installed in a home, it should work flawlessly, but the process to get it there takes quite a bit of brainpower. From the initial strategizing to the extensive engineering to the final testing, a Marvin product is designed to perform beautifully.

And if something should go wrong, Marvin believes in working closely with the customer to fix what that. Our ethics demand that we take care of the product that we dreamed up.

But don’t just listen to us: The Foundation for Financial Service Professionals presented Marvin with the American Business Ethics Award in October 2014. John W. “Jake” Marvin, our CEO, said at the time: “It is an honor to receive this award and to be recognized on a national level for our commitment to doing the right thing for our employees, communities and customers. As my father once told me, a company is, plain and simple, people. It was how our company began, and it is the core purpose of our business today. Staying true to the values that have guided us over the years—integrity, excellence and respect for others—has been, and always will be, the keys to our success.”

Inventing, sustaining and constantly innovating: that’s how Marvin does entrepreneurship.

Tell us: have you ever invented something or had a great business idea?