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Architects have been accused of being keenly observational. When your work is about knowing how things are made and somehow making them better with each try, it’s easy to understand how bouts of mania creep in.

Right now, you should be reading Coffee With An Architect, a great blog by Durham, N.C.-based architect Jody Brown. Self-described as  AIA LEED AP, a husband, a dad, an awesome cook and a banjo player, Brown’s blog is a candid look inside the mind of an architect. And here’s the thing — it’s not all about the nuances of houses and building. Look no further than a recent post titled, “Designing Glass Underpants.”

For a mix of good humor and good taste, we highly recommend Coffee With An Architect. Want to learn how Brown really feels about his occupation? Refer to the hilarious Venn diagrams he recently posted.