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Emerald: The Color of the Year

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Every year, Pantone announces the color of the year. 2012’s color was tangerine. And 2013’s color has just been announced: emerald green! According to Pantone:

“Most often associated with brilliant, precious gemstones, the perception of Emerald is sophisticated and luxurious. Since antiquity, this luminous, magnificent hue has been the color of beauty and new life in many cultures and religions. Also the color of growth, renewal and prosperity, no other color conveys regeneration more than green. For centuries, many countries have chosen green to represent healing and unity.”

It’s a beautiful color, and with Pantone’s “stamp of approval” behind it, we think we’ll be seeing emerald pop up in lots of places, from home goods to fashion. What do you think is the best use for this bold color (besides a lovely piece of emerald jewelry like this)?

We think emerald would look smashing for an armchair, a sculpture or a rug. You could even use it for an accent wall if you want to go bold. And if you’re in need of new windows or doors, you could even have custom cladding made up in emerald!

Image courtesy of Kevin H. on Flickr.