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Eco architect Eric Corey Freed: 5 tips to green your home


We at MLuxe often learn from and link to the popular green-design and sustainability blog Inhabitat. It’s a great resource for anyone looking to make his or her home a little more earth-friendly without sacrificing style or cutting-edge technology. Because Inhabitat is such a popular resource on the Web, Marvin Windows is excited to partner with the site to produce an upcoming series of interviews with a great lineup of green-home experts.

The series will include interviews with interior designer Zem Joaquin, architect and author Sarah Susanka, energy-efficiency expert David Johnston and Marvin Windows product planner Christine Marvin. Last week, the series kicked off with a great list of tips on “greening your home” from architect Eric Corey Freed. From the article:

Greening your home can provide numerous financial, health and environmental benefits; from making your air healthier, to cutting down your energy bill, to lowering your carbon footprint. Most people like the idea of “greening” their home, but many are daunted by complex technical information and don’t where to begin. Happily, eco architect and green building expert Eric Corey Freed has stepped in to distill the process of greening your home into 5 easy steps: increasing insulation, get a thermostat, conserve water through smart technology, overhaul your roof and upgrade your lighting. We sat down with this organicARCHITECT to take notes on his 5 steps to a greener home – read on for the full scoop!

image courtesy of Inhabitat