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Druid Hill Conservatory: New Old Elegance

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In most parts of the country, winter’s chill is in the air. Luckily, there are places to go and enjoy summer’s beautiful flowers and hot air–a conservatory. These structures are beautiful and meticulously maintained to give the optimum environment for their botanical residents.

One beautiful conservatory, Druid Hill in Baltimore, recently underwent a renovation that took it back to its original Victorian elegance. Marvin provided the windows for Druid Hill’s Palm House. Although basic parameters had been laid out for window needs, Druid Hill expected their window manufacturer to “fill in the gaps” and come up with design elements that fit in with the overall design aesthetic.

Marvin’s custom capabilities through Signature Products and Services really helped when designing windows for the Palm House. Custom clad colors, flashing and panning were needed and performance had to be top-notch. Due to the conditions of the conservatory, the windows had to to be absolutely water-tight and be able to withstand temperature fluctuations due to seasonal exhibits. In the end, Marvin clad casement, awnings, polygons and mill plates were used on the Palm House.

Since its renovation, the Druid Hill conservatory has gone from Baltimore’s least-visited attraction to winning the Baltimore Heritage Preservation Award. Currently re-named as the Howard Peters Rawlings Conservatory, this Baltimore attraction is now restored to its original glory.