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Downsizing requires deliberate design decision to maximize space


There will come a time — if it hasn’t already — when residing in a sprawling living space no longer makes sense. Perhaps your kids have the left nest. Maybe you are tired of heating, cooling and maintaining rooms that go unused for months at a time. It could also just be about simplification.

Whatever the case, downsizing isn’t so simple as finding a smaller home and moving on. That surely wasn’t the case for artist and graphic designer Wendy Furman, at least, who six years ago left her 1,000-square-foot Los Angeles residence for a 643-square-foot cottage in Napa Valley.

Sarah Lonsdale recently profiled Furman’s tiny house for Remodelista. It’s a study in minimalist living and making deliberate design choices to avoid the sort for claustrophobia one might fear living in a smaller dwelling. Check out the decisions Furman had to make during her move and see how she’s made a tiny home perfectly livable.

Have you thought about downsizing? What do you imagine would be the most difficult part?


(Photography by Mimi Giboin)