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Don't sit on the food furniture!


We’ve all got a favorite kitchen item that we love because it’s functional, durable and beautiful. It might be a cast-iron frying pan, a great teapot or a vintage blender. Thanks to our friends at Design Milk, we now know what to call these beautiful and beloved pieces: food furniture.

There’s a whole movement toward designing food preparation and serving pieces with an eye toward creating something that you’d be just as proud to display and use in your home as you would a favorite sofa or coffee table. One of the premier practitioners is Pinch Food Design, creator of the serving cart pictured above.

In that vein, Bulgarian-born artisan Valentin Vodev has created a line of glassware etched with pictograms that suggest the uses of each piece. Check out the ceramic tea serving set by Portuguese product designer Joao Abreu Valente. He made the nine-piece set from a single mold and a fixed amount of clay, requiring each piece to be successively smaller than the next.

Well-designed, high-quality items add to the pleasure and usefulness of any home — whether they’re found in the living room, the bathroom or the kitchen. Count us among the new-found fans of food furniture.

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