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donQi Urban Windmill may have huge energy benefits, but will consumers get past bulky design?


On Monday, Re-nest pointed out the September issue of Dwell magazine includes a photo of an American home (seen above) with a wind turbine fastened to its roof.

And just like that, wind turbines have gone mainstream.

Well, maybe not quite yet, but this is an exciting development on the energy conservancy front. There’s something decidedly space-age and exciting about homeowners having the ability to harness wind energy from their own rooftop.

The company providing the solution is donQi, which is based in Denmark. According to Re-nest, homeowners can expect to fully recoup on the cost of purchase and installation after just 10 years of use.  The donQi Urban Windmill won’t terrorize the neighborhood with humming and vibrating, either.

According to donQi, a single Urban Windmill can meet 25-75 percent of the average homeowner’s energy needs, dependent on the size of the home and average wind conditions. That’s considerable output, especially as energy costs continue to rise.

But the Urban Windmill also sticks out, creating what some might consider an eyesore just like solar panels did when they first hit the market.

Would you be willing to add a donQi Urban Windmill for the energy benefits even if it made your house stand out?