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Do green cleaning products work?


We recently wrote a piece titled “Green products or Greenwashed” that shared some resources to help you investigate whether a product that makes claims of environmental friendliness is really as friendly as the manufacturer wants you to think. Cleaning products are one realm that’s full of products carrying eco-friendly claims, but even if a product is actually “green,” there’s another important factor to consider: Does it work?

The Web is full of reviews of these green cleaning products, so a few Google searches will likely help you track down what you’re looking for. You’d probably do well to check out certain well-known and trusted resources for all things “green,” like Inhabitat, Re-Nest and other popular Web sites.

A pair of writers for dug deep into the range of cleaning products offered by Method and Seventh Generation. Remember, too, that “green cleaning products” aren’t limited to eco-friendly brands like Method or Seventh Generation. It can also include items like vinegar or boric acid. offers a round-up of cleaners ranging from baking soda to brands like Mrs. Meyer’s.

So while sites like Good Guide can help you determine how environmentally (and socially) responsible a company or product is, it’ll take a bit of extra digging — or just your own trial and error — to determine what will get the job done.