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Design to do a world of good

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Creative minds put to the use of good design can make a big difference in the world! Look at the simple act of washing clothes. Clean clothes can be important for health and dignity. But what do you do if you don’t have a washing machine (through choice or economic circumstance) and don’t want to flash back to pioneer days and wash your clothes with large metal tubs and washing boards?

Enter the Swirl — used for clothes-washing AND fun! Calfinder points out that this product probably has the best use in developing countries. Nonetheless, its principles could make it work anywhere.

It’s simple and ingenious. According to its maker, designaffairs STUDIO, it works this way:

Swirl is a human focused design that simplifies washing in developing countries. The overall design resembles a ball containing a swirled sphere shaped basket and lid, connected to a steel tube handle. Washing is accomplished through the rotation of the “washing ball” – using long distance travelling to and from water supply to wash the clothes. The user can also wash by just rolling it back and forth in slow rotation cycles. At home, after the basket is filled with clothes, the lid should be screwed and the handle locked in. Transportation can easily be done by pulling or pushing the handle. At the water source, the basket should be filled with water and the product is ready to wash.

Simple, useful and fun! Swirl’s use of good, creative, flexible design does a world of good.

Photos courtesy of designaffairs STUDIO.