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Design Takeaways from IBS: Clever, Creative & Just Plain Cool

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Now that we’re a week home from the International Builders Show, we’ve had time to digest all of the amazing products, trends and predictions for the New Year. Some of our favorite learnings from the show came from the presentation “Takeaways from Clever, Creative & Just Plain Cool: Great Ideas for 2016,” led by Marc Thee of Marc-Michaels Interior Design.

Recently named a Global Tastemaker by American Express and Departures Magazine, Thee shared some of his predictions and inspirations for upcoming design – and inspired, we were! Check out some of our favorite takeaways from the session: the clever, the creative and the just plain cool.

CLEVER: Function hidden in plain sight
It’s a common theme with all homeowners: everyone wants more space. You can create the illusion of more size and open areas with some design tricks in the form of hidden storage. Thee used daybeds and dual functioning furniture as an example of great ways to make the most of your space.

CREATIVE: Blur the line between rooms
Homeowners and builders are being more and more drawn to open, one-room living spaces. Kitchens now double as living spaces or even offices. The setup encourages social interactions and entertaining – family and friends are no longer divided between rooms, and conversations can more easily flow. It also maximizes sight lines and views. (We were particularly excited by this trend because it aligns so closely with one of the products we debuted at IBS: Marvin’s OXXO Glider window, a versatile “pass through” window that’s perfect for blurring the line between rooms, or even between indoor and outdoor living spaces.)

The trend of blurring lines between rooms is also moving into bedrooms. Some homes are using windows and partial walls to make the transition to the bathroom more seamless.

One of our favorite inspirations from Thee’s presentation was the concept of “looking up.” Adding some weight to the upper areas of walls or ceilings draws the eye upward and gives the illusion of a larger, more open space. Some examples from the seminar included incorporating design elements into ceilings and creating glass walls for maximizing views and natural light. And there are few things cooler than an entire wall made of glass!

In what ways are you updating your spaces this year? Are they clever, creative or just plain cool? Share your ideas with us on Facebook and visit our Inspiration Gallery to see how Marvin can help you achieve your design goals.