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Deceptive wallpaper adds classic style to any home


One of the very few downsides to building a new home is it looks and feels, well, new. I don’t know about you, but I love character in a home, that sense of warmness that comes with a little wear. An exposed brick wall here. Classic wood paneling there. It’s no coincidence the rustic style is so popular among designers right now.

Well, a hat-tip to Remodelista for their recent write-up on a must-have for architecture lovers: trompe-l’œil wallpaper. French for “deceive the eye,” trompe-l’œil wallpaper does exactly that.

Look at the picture above this story. That’s wallpaper! And the photo below this story? Also wallpaper!

It used to be wallpaper could make a home appear outdated and out of style. But trompe-l’œil wallpaper has the complete opposite effect. And here’s the best news: It’s price is comparable to that of other premium wallpaper options.