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Cool new flooring products add style and comfort


Style and comfort are two things pretty much any homeowner would like more of. Even the nicest, coziest home has a room or an area the homeowner isn’t terribly fond of or would like to improve.

In that spirit, we’ve found these two flooring products might help put more of that sought-after style and comfort under foot.

The Luxury Housing Trends blog uncovered these incredible interlocking puzzle-piece wood flooring tiles from Beckwith Interiors. The unique design is sure to stand out and start a conversation. They’re available in several designs and woods.

If you’re looking for something a little less out-there, try adding some comfort to your winter wonderland with heated rugs. You’ve heard of radiant-heat flooring, but’s DIY Maven points out a new product from Warmly Yours that works much like a traditional rug pad — with one big difference: “But these pads you plug in, giving you a pleasant case of toasty toes,” the maven writes.

What cool new products have you discovered recently?