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Coffee tables, loveseats lead list of disappearing home items


We devote plenty of space on MLuxe to the latest trends in home design, but today, we’re going a slightly different route to look at furniture and accessories that are quickly going extinct.

The list comes from Brie Dyas at AOL Stylelist Home, and it was inspired by her friend’s recent proclamation she no longer required a coffee table in her living room. Preposterous, right? Perhaps not, because Dyas’s friend instead elected for a low ottoman, which can act as a more functional centerpiece and as a coffee table with use of a tray.

Now, just because you may have an item or two on Dyas’s list doesn’t mean you should purge perfectly good furniture and accessories in a spring cleaning frenzy. But don’t be surprised to see the following items slowly disappear from existence:

  • The coffee table – Dyas writes, “They used to complete the living room, now the ottoman (or, side tables) are the more favored option.”
  • The loveseat – “It’s either a three-seat sofa, or a side chair. No in-betweens.”
  • The sideboard – “We love them because they give us options (buffet, storage or a bar), but it’s harder to find these pieces in stores.”
  • The nightstand – “But if you don’t have nightstands, where are you putting your books?”
  • The full-sized bed – “Even in guest rooms, the queen-sized bed reigns supreme.”
  • The landline phone – “In the age of smartphones, why bother with another bill?”
  • The tablecloth – “During the holidays, you’ll find a few choices. But the rest of the year? Good luck. When it comes to dining room tables, the average home prefers them bare.”

Are there any other furniture items or accessories you believe are on the way out?