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Coastal solutions during hurricane season

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With the start of summer, so begins hurricane season. Lasting from June to November, with peaks in mid-August to late October, these months boast some of the most beautiful weather of the year – and some times the most dangerous.

It is important for homeowners and builders to be prepared for the catastrophic winds, torrential rain and flying debris that can damage coastlines, as well as property several hundred miles inland. Window and doors can be the most vulnerable part of a home in hurricane conditions, making product decisions especially critical. But don’t worry; we’ve got you covered!

Marvin’s StormPlus windows and doors provide the ultimate in protection against flying debris, driving rain, hurricane force winds, cyclic pressure and more. In addition to being beautiful, they also help preserve a home’s structural seal. They’re certified for energy efficiency and rigorously tested by third party agencies to meet and exceed the most stringent of coastal codes. Watch for yourself as a Marvin StormPlus® window is tested against the forces of a hurricane in the video above.

Integrity’s IMPACT Solutions’ fiberglass windows are built to withstand coastal elements such as severe temperatures, sun, salt and wind that can cause other window materials to quickly corrode, crack and fade. Rated for hurricane IMPACT zone 3, they sport a virtually indestructible Ultrex exterior and handcrafted pine interior. IMPACT windows not only outlast the competition, they leave them in the dust.

Marvin and Integrity coastal options not only help prepare homes for harsh conditions, but offer breathtaking views and inspired designs. Check out these award-winning designs backed with our long-lasting products:

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