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Civil War-era home rebuilt to let the light in


When this rural property in Pennsylvania was recently sold, its new owners wanted to maintain its sense of history — the land is in the area of a key Civil War-era battlefield, and the house and barns on the property oozed historic charm and character.

But in an effort to maintain and update the structures, it was determined the house main — which had “undergone many unsympathetic additions and alterations over the centuries,” according to architect Jim Rill. Instead, a new house was build that fit the style of the property and the character of the area, mixing modern comforts with a style that looks like it’s aged over time.

One of the defining characteristics of the home is its use of windows (from Marvin Windows and Doors, we’re proud to say). According to a write-up on

Despite the expanse of wood ceilings and walls, the interior is light and airy, thanks to large banks of colonial-style windows on both sides of the house.

“Transparency right through the house was essential,” says Rill. “The windows let the house breathe and make for an immediate connection to the outdoors. In fact, the outdoor living areas are treated as extra rooms that are as much a part of the house as the rooms inside.

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