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Case Study: Soaring Osprey House

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In the woods of beautiful Flathead Lake, Montana, there sits a house that looks as if it might take flight off the lakeshore.  Appropriately enough, it is known as the Soaring Osprey House.

Architect Richard Wyman Smith, AIA, drew on his Ojibwe heritage to design his client’s house like an osprey in flight. Marvin was chosen to provide the windows for the house, based on our design flexibility and customization.

The design called for 87 custom windows and doors, including 18 custom windows designed and formed in the shape of a giant soaring osprey — definitely not a typical project. Marvin was the only window manufacturer that could produce windows with the look and performance required by the architect.

This particularly challenging project required each window to have a special radii, and for all the units to be precisely aligned to create the desired look. Marvin’s architectural department worked closely with the architect and actually developed the radii specs for the project.

The house’s design soars to the highest heights to complement the beauty of Flathead Lake.