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Case Study: Rhode Island Farmhouse

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This beautiful Rhode Island farmhouse made a journey from a duplex into a single home. Along the way it gained new energy-efficient Marvin windows, a neighboring cornfield for a view and lots of space to hang art.

Via Re-nest, here are a few quotes from the owner about the renovation process and what’s best about the “new” house:

  • My/Our style: Eclectic, but also I try to create an atmosphere that’s familiar to me, inspired by my relatives. It leans toward the old fashioned. A reflection of what I grew up with. A reverence for the past.
  • Biggest Challenge: I love that it’s an old house, but with the old house comes a lot of wear. When we renovated we put in new Marvin windows for efficiency, to make it more comfortable. This house was never a fancy farmhouse. The people were poor, so it didn’t have much in terms of frills or comfort. It was a simple farm for people who worked hard. So my biggest challenge was making it more comfortable.
  • Proudest DIY: That I was able to keep the adjacent corn field from being developed. Sometimes the best change is not letting change happen in front of you, to keep it like it was.
  • Biggest Indulgence:Buying the corn field. One time I was at the health club and everyone was talking about their biggest splurge, one person had bought some Prada shoes, another had bought a Mazda Miata, the other had taken a big trip. I said “an eight-acre corn field.”

Visit Re-nest to learn more and take a green virtual tour of the home!

Photos courtesy of Re-nest.