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Case study: Quick Residence

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The owner of this house in Jaffrey, N.H. was committed to creating a unique home that complemented the rural setting and acknowledged the classical traditions favored by her architect grandfather, but with a distinctly contemporary feel. She charged the architect with creating a home that was both restrained and exuberant, both classic and modern – and was delighted with the result.

Architect Frank Riepe of Building Arts in Sudbury, Mass. looked to early New England architecture, Shaker meeting houses and rural Italian churches for inspiration. He sought simple composition, an intimate relationship between indoors and out, a strong sense of shelter, an expression of honest craft and a timeless quality of proportions and massing. These goals translated into walls a foot thick and special detailing around the windows set into them. The modest program of this small house reflected an early American sensibility of simplicity, spareness and directness.

Marvin’s broad range of standard sizes, ability to customize critical details such as the fixed corner casements, and uniformly high standard of quality combined with technical support and helpful design assistance to realize this project. The large size of the double-hung windows (they are 4′ x 8′) was a part of a calculated over-scaling of window components in a decidedly small house. As a result, people approach the house with a sense of wonderment.