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Old Faithful Snow Lodge

Case Study: Old Faithful Snow Lodge

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In honor of the winter storm that has hit us here in Marvin country, let’s take a look at a beautiful hotel in another snowy place.

The Old Faithful Snow Lodge, at Yellowstone National Park in Wyoming, houses millions of visitors every year in its 90,000-square-foot space. At 7,300 feet above sea level, the Snow Lodge offers amazing views and lots of options for exploring and skiing. Without television and internet access, the Old Faithful Snow Lodge is an oasis of relaxation.

But that same remoteness can make renovating difficult. Marvin supplied the windows for the lodge and worked on a tight schedule to ensure that the delivery was coordinated with the Snow Lodge’s accessibility.

To make sure that the windows provided adequate ventilation (air conditioning is not available), tilt turns and hoppers were used. The tilt turn is a dual-functioning window: it opens at the side like a door or tilts in at the top. Hopper windows are a great companion for the tilt turn and open at the top. Additionally, awnings were used. The Old Faithful Snow Lodge made use of authentic and simulated divided lites for a traditional look and Low E II glass for modern energy efficiency.

From cold Warroad to snowy Yellowstone, Marvin windows look beautiful and perform in winter weather!



Top photo courtesy of Yellowstone National Park Lodges