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Case Study: Mountain Home

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This gorgeous retreat was built in the grand tradition of Adirondack Great Camps, mostly found in upstate New York. Its spacious exterior, gracious porch and beautiful stonework follow this tradition, but it was designed with many little twists. Architect Laine Jones and builder Steve Howell did things like put bedrooms downstairs to keep the upstairs common rooms free for tall ceilings and beautiful views.

Even though it is a large house, this home is designed to blend in with its surroundings, not overpower them. According to Jones, “Traditional Adirondack elements such as rising stonework anchor the house to the land – but this house achieves a lighter feel.”

There are traditional elements to this house though, most notably the trusses that support the roof. These were made in the traditional Mennonite manner–heating and twisting by hand. This mountain lodge’s dual nature also means many modern conveniences, including broadband, an underfloor heating system and beautiful, energy efficient Marvin windows.

Images courtesy of Trends Ideas