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Case study: Farm Villa

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Over the next few months, we’ll be featuring the winners of the 2010 myMarvin Architect’s Challenge.

This custom-built residence, among the rolling fields, mountains and wooded trails of Vermont, is the perfect retreat for a family that enjoys hiking, horseback riding, swimming and skiing. The home’s design was influenced by the Vermont farmhouse tradition as well as by the owners’ Swedish heritage and minimalist style. Farm Villa synthesizes the modest, local farmhouse vernacular with the traditional Neoclassical European villa. Yet, while elegant detailing and proportions recall local and distant historic precedents, a contemporary, minimalist spirit infuses the interior.

The line between rustic and formal is blurred, yet the detail and craft are extremely refined. Proportion, scale and type of windows are integral to the success of the design. The windows also contribute to the house’s energy efficiency, helping to achieve Energy Star qualification and 15 percent less energy consumption than that prescribed by code.

Farm Villa was designed by John Tittmann of Albert, Righter & Tittmann in Boston. Marvin products in this house include Magnum Clad Tilt/Turns, Clad Ultimate Double Hung and Clad Ultimate Inswing French Doors.