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Case Study: Donaldson Residence

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Remodeling of any sort can be a challenge, but for a grand old mansion, it can be painstakingly laborious. This Minneapolis home, the Donaldson Residence, was built by a department store owner and completed in 1908. Throughout the years it has been renovated numerous times and subdivided by the heirs of the original owner.

When the current owners bought the house, a major concern was renovating the Donald Residence with the highest quality materials and experts. Original fixtures and furnishings were painstakingly tracked down. Certain rooms, like the study and the parlor are architectural treasures and focus was given to restoring them to their original glory.

In addition the restoring the house’s beautiful look, renovations also focused on giving the Donaldson Residence all the modern conveniences. Windows were replaced with Marvin windows for beauty and energy efficiency, wiring and plumbing was redone, and touches like a new phone system and a laundry shoot add extra convenience.

When all is said and done, the Donaldson Residence graces its street now as it did in 1908.

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