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Case Study: Back to School

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Now that Labor Day has passed, autumn is in the air.  To honor this back-to-school time, let’s take a look at an education project that Marvin worked on.

When Dartmouth College, established in1769 in Hanover, N.H., set out to build two new dorms to accommodate its growing student population, it was important for the new dorms to match the college’s old New England look. But Dartmouth is also concerned with environmental sustainability, so the new buildings had to meet LEED certification.

The Dartmouth College Office of Planning, Design and Construction carefully chose vendors who could meet this high standard. Marvin Windows and Doors supplied the windows for the two new dorms (named McLane and Fahey Residence Halls).

To fit in with other buildings on campus, Ultimate Double Hung, transom and stationary awning windows were used for McLane and Fahey Residence Halls. They provided an old-fashioned look with modern conveniences. Stone white cladding and brick mould casing with 70 percent Kynar 500 finish helps ensure that the windows will continue to look great for years to come.

Overall, Dartmouth’s goals were a 48 percent reduction in total energy use and a 57 percent reduction in total energy costs. They achieved LEED Gold status. McLane and Fahey Residence Halls now blend in with Dartmouth’s beautiful campus, providing sustainable housing for the students that occupy them.