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Can You Afford to Go Green?

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As “going green” becomes more popular, it’s opponents have also become more vocal. One frequent criticism levied is that going green is just too expensive. And in this economic climate, who has the luxury of spending more money just to feel good about helping the earth? Jennifer over at Growing A Green Family offers an excellent rebuttal. She points point out that going green is actually not an expensive proposition, and it’s mostly all in the attitude.

  • It’s not about what you buy. If you choose to go green through consumption, it will always be more expensive.
  • Learn to budget! When you know what things really cost, you can make wiser green choices.
  • Avoid greenwashing and educate yourself about what is truly green and not.
  • Decide what is important to you. Growing A Green Family offers up the example of people claiming they can’t afford organic food, but then go on a costly vacation. Life is all about choices, and if living a green lifestyle is important to you, it can be done, though perhaps not without some sacrifice.

Please check out the post for more information. And tell us in the comments–what’s important to you when it comes to green living?

Photo courtesy of thinkpanama on Flickr