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Business as usual: Marvin Windows fighting to protect jobs


We at Marvin Windows talk and write a lot about the state of the economy and how it affects the housing industry, how it affects our business, and how it affects the communities around us. We’re proud to have been invited on “Fox & Friends,” the nation’s top-rated cable morning show, this past weekend to discuss Marvin’s fight to keep its employees on the job during the long economic downturn.

Susan Marvin, our company president, did a great job presenting Marvin’s viewpoint on the critical issue of American jobs.

“We recognize that people are our most valuable asset, so that’s the last place we’re going to cut,” she told co-host Clayton Morris. Everyone at the company has participated in the sacrifices needed to preserve jobs, she said — including senior management and all 16 Marvin family members who work full-time for the company.

Marvin remains committed to making decisions that will serve the long-term interests of the company, she stressed.

“You guys did a great service, and this is a remarkable thing, Susan,” Morris said as he wrapped up the interview, shaking his head in admiration.

We’re getting that reaction a lot. To us, it’s just business as usual. But we appreciate the sentiment, and we’ll keep doing everything we can to preserve American jobs.