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Building blocks: Kitchen remodel creates more usable space with purposeful zones


The owner loves spending time in the kitchen. She is an adventurous cook of different cuisines and wanted a large, homey, yet practical working kitchen that would give her plenty of scope to pursue her culinary aspirations.

That’s how architect Neil Peoples explained his client’s needs in a recent piece on The kitchen has been divided into distinct work stations, which lets more than one person comfortably and conveniently work at the same time while also allowing for guests to be a part of the action without being in the way.

There’s also a designated clean-up zone in the part of the kitchen nearest the dining room, a space that’s more easily and more quickly accessible than the rest of the kitchen.

Architect Peoples put his chosen Marvin windows to good use in the remodeled kitchen:

The kitchen is on the upper, entry level of the house, and has a commanding view of the surrounding vineyards. Ample windows provide abundant natural light and also place this view front and center. The rustic, Tuscan feel of the interior design lends itself perfectly to the bucolic character of the view.

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