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Builders' convention puts innovative home products on display


The 2012 installment of the Pacific Coast Builders Conference, one of the home-building industry’s big trade shows, took place last week in San Francisco. Marvin Windows and Doors was on hand showing its latest and greatest windows and doors.

We were also on the lookout for other new and interesting products at the show. Here are a few that caught our eye.

from Invisible Structures 
A combination of porous pavement and artificial grass, this product provides a surface for walking, lounging, parking, driving and so much more. Meanwhile, it provides drainage and even filtering for stormwater, captures airborne dust, and reduces heat energy reflection.

from QuietCool 
This air exchange system claims to cool the whole house by up to 30 degrees and attic space by up to 50 degrees, cutting air-conditioning costs by 50 percent to 90 percent — quietly! This all with no need to dig into the structure of your home, and no need for construction permits.

BOK Railing Systems
from BOK Modern
These  laser-cut metal panels can be used for balcony railings, stair panels, wall screens, fences, green screens, gates and more. Made from aluminum or cold-rolled steel and given a three-coat powder finish, these panels add unique style to any home.