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Bringing the Outside In


Considering our role as manufacturers of premium made-to-order windows, we’re big fans of the concept of bringing the outside in. That is, taking advantage of all of the great things nature has to offer — heating and cooling, beautiful views, places to work and play — while still providing all of the necessary protection and comfort people need from their homes.

For example, we sat down with garden home designer P. Allen Smith to discuss his approach to bringing the outside in:

Inhabitat, a blog the writes about all things in the world of sustainable design, recently showcased a home in San Francisco that artfully blurs the lines between indoors and out. In addition to a great use of huge windows to bring in the sunlight and the views from outside, the home also includes an “internal four-story light shaft, which also houses the stair and provides natural ventilation via the chimney effect.”

For more on this project, and for more nice photos, check out the story at Inhabitat.